FILA Scientific Commission to host Congress During Budapest 2013 World Championships

logo_filaFILA has approved the organization of a Scientific Congress under the auspices of the newly formed Scientific Commission.  It will be held at the László Papp Sportarena in Budapest , the venue for the Senior World Championships, September 16-22.  The Congress will feature a series of keynote lectures in the areas of physiology, psychology, training, history/sociology, delivered by invited scholars.  There will be 2-3 lectures each morning over a 3-day span, with a moderator to conduct a discussion with audience participation. The discussion will focus on the research that needs to be undertaken in that particular area, research that could be possibly spearheaded by the Scientific Commission at one of the FILA Training Centers around the world.

Additionally, there will be poster presentations displayed at the venue, with the abstracts published in the World Championship issue of the International Journal of Wrestling Science.  Information regarding the scientific program and guidelines for abstract/poster presentation is here.

David Curby

FILA Scientific Commission

Director of the International Network of Wrestling Researchers (INWR)