Aims & Objectives

The aims of the International Network of Wrestling Researchers (INWR) are to “Facilitate the development of wrestling through international and intercultural understanding and cooperation; and to support wrestling-related research and education.”


Objectives are:

  • Identify wrestling researchers and scientists from around the world.
  • Create opportunities for researchers to connect and share ideas through a communication network.
  • Organize meetings at major competitions.
  • To provide information for United World Wrestling (UWW) and other decision-makers in our sport.
  • To provide researchers with opportunities for publications and presentations.
  • To improve the availability of research-related sources.
  • To encourage and support wrestling-related educational activities.
  • To support and facilitate the best wrestling teaching and coaching methods.
  • To work collaboratively and explore partnerships with other organizations and programs who can benefit from the intellectual resources of this organization.
  • Provide a discussion forum to enable communication between all those who use an official website.
  • Encourage and support wrestling related activities between students and researchers.
  • Organize a database of wrestling-related research articles for open access.
  • Increase the translations of some important works that have not been readily available around the world
  • Provide support for developing nations.
  • Publish a scholarly journal.
  • Provide recognition for scholarly contributions to the sport of wrestling.