Olha Romanivna ZADOROZHNA, PhD

Assistant Professor at Lviv State University of Physical Culture


Olha Romanivna Zadorozhna

<strong>Professional Affiliation</strong>: Lviv State University of Physical Culture named after Ivan Bobers’kyy, Department of Theory of Sports and Physical Culture, Associate Professor, PhD

<strong>Email</strong>: <a href=”mailto:ozadorozhna@ukr.net”>ozadorozhna@ukr.net</a>, <a href=”mailto:ozadorozhna19@gmail.com”>ozadorozhna19@gmail.com</a>


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<strong>Areas of Interest:</strong> tactical training in Olympic combat sports (fencing, wrestling, taekwondo, boxing, karate, judo), participation tactics of elite athletes in competition system in Olympic cycles, control of tactical preparedness, the use of fitness technologies in sport science, training system of national teams in different kind of sport.


<strong>Brief biography</strong>

<strong>Date and place of birth:</strong> September 19, 1990, Lviv

<strong>Education</strong>: Faculty of Sports, Lviv State University of Physical Culture (2007–2012), Master’s Degree.

<strong>Sports activity:</strong> Master of Sports of Ukraine in epee fencing (2005); silver medalist of the World Junior Championship (2005) and the European Cadet Championship (2006), bronze medalist of the Junior World Cup (2006), champion and prize-winner of Ukraine in fencing (2009-2013), champion (2011) and bronze medalist (2013) ) All-Ukrainian Universiade, team member Ukrainian fencing national team (2006-2012).

<strong>Worked</strong>: athlete-instructor of the Ukrainian national fencing team (2007-2008); sports instructor of “Dynamo” Sports club (2010-2012); Assistant Professor (2012–2015) of the Department of Theoretical and Methodological Fundamentals of Sports, Lecturer (2015–2016), Associate Professor (from 2017 to the present time) of the Department of Sports Theory and Physical Culture, Lviv State University of Physical Culture named after Ivan Bobersky; fitness instructor (from 2015 to the present time).

PhD (Physical Training and Sport), dissertation topic: “The Improvement of Theoretical Training on The Stage of Previous Basic Training in Fencing” (2015), Associate Professor (2019).

<strong>Areas of research</strong>: theoretical and tactical training of athletes in various types of martial arts; preparation of national teams for the Olympic Games; basics of anti-doping control in sports.

At the present time I work on DSc dissertation, topic: “Tactics in Olympic Combat Sports”.

Author, co-author of more than 70 scientific and educational works, including 5 patents of Ukraine for utility models and industrial designs, 5 certificates of copyright registration, 10 publications in scientific journals indexed in international databases Scopus and Web of Science, and 1 monograph.