Associate Professor at Hitit Üniversity Director at School of Physicall Education and Sport


Date of Birth: Jan 20,1955

Task Responsibility in Projects :

Gonadal Function and Serum Leptin levels of National Wrestling Team Athletes Prepared for the World and Olympic Championship and the Mountain Bike Athletes Prepared for the World Cup

The Research of Adolescent Growth and Development of Metabolic Changes in Hormonal Parameters for Athletes of Wrestling Education Centers

The Research of Basic Acting Skills and Family Socioeconomic Level of the Students of Third Grade in Public Schools and Private

Administrative Tasks :

The Prime Minister’s Chief Adviser Responsible for Sport

General Sekretary of The Wrestling Federation

Member of The Board of Education of the Football Federation

Football Coach (UEFA A Coaching Certificate)

10 Years Professional Football Player

Traditional Sports Federation Board Member, responsible for Training and Technical Affairs

G.S.G.M. Educational Department, Insructor of Training Courses

Head of Physicall Education and Sport Dept. of College of Education at the Inonu University

A Faculty Member in Charge of the Physicall Education and Sport Department at the Zonguldak Kara Elmas University

Director of Devrek Vocational Schools at the Zonguldak Kara Elmas University

Director of School of Physicall Education and Sport at the Hitit University

General Coordinator of 2011 World Senior Wrestling Championship

Awards :

The International Wrestling Federation Honors (1990)

The Worlds Best Referee Awards by International Wrestling Federation Czeshoslovakia Prague(1994)

Outstanding Achievement Award at the International Seminer in Italy 1997

Inonu University Senate’s Most Succesful Manager Award(1995)

Otustanding Service Award by F.I.L.A 1995

Certificate of Service by The Wrestling Foundation

FILA Honor Award at The Senior World Wrestling Championship (2011 İSTANBUL)

Published Books:

Basic Principles of the Physical Education and Sport-Ekin Bookshop-2001

Introduction to Physical Education in Sport- Emek Printing Press-2002

The Instruction Booklets World Senior Wrestling Championship

1-Organization Handbook- İstanbul 2011

2-Organization Press Guide (English- Turkish) -İstanbul 2011

3-Organization Security Guide- İstanbul 2011

4-Organization Valunteer Guide -İstanbul 2011

5-Insruction for the Organization(English-Turkish) -İstanbul 2011

Publishing List

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B. The Presentation of an International Scientific Meetings and Published in the Proceedings :

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