Professional Affiliation: National University of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine (Post Graduate student)

Areas of Interest: wrestling; sport developement; marketing in wrestling; sport commercialization; wrestling coaches education system; management in wrestling

Brief biography:


2010 Master’s Degree: Donetsk State Institute of Physical Education and Sport (major – Olympic and Profesional Sports)

2015 Bachelor’s Degree: Brock University (major – sport management)

2017 – 2020 Post Graduate program: National University of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine

Dissertation topic: “Innovative Strategies for Coaches Education System in Wrestling under Commercialization Context”.

Work Experience:

2015 – 2017 – Regional Development Officer for Asia (United World Wrestling)

2017 – 2018 – Development Department Consultant (United World Wrestling)

2017 – 2018 – Wrestling Technical Operations Manager at Commonwealth Games 2018 (Commonwealth Games Federation)

2016 – current – World Academy of Sport Trainer.

Athletic Epxerience:

Wrestled FS and GR among cadets and juniors. National Champion of Ukraine and member of National Junior Team (2006-2008). Winner of Canadian National Championships in 2014,2015 (FS).