Carlos Alberto VARIO


Institution/Organization: ABLA (Asociacion Bonaerense de Luchas Asociadas)

Wrestled in Tokyo and Mexico City Olympic Games

Current Areas of Interest: Desarrollo y capacitacion para instructores de lucha

I teach fighting since 1980, now I have 63 years of age, I struggle to make courses for instructors at the initial training courses of short duration, for physical education teachers and qualified people in combat sports can begin with the initiation the teaching of struggle where they live. For me it is essential to ensure that the fight to become popular, for that you need to create multiple sites for practice and for that we have enough teachers to teach and manage each location.

I am currently the president of ABLA (Association Wrestling Buenos Aires) (in training), we are making efforts to obtain official permission to operate as an NGO in the province of Buenos Aires has approximately 16,000,000 inhabitants.