Email: scirolutte@gmail.com, jakub.sciranka@uniba.sk

I am second year PhD. Student at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Field of my study is sport humanities with specialization in wrestling. I have gratuated at Comenius University in 2016 in field: Teacher of Physical Education and Coach of Wrestling. Beside school I am a coach in young wrestling club which is registered since 2016. The club is called „Wrestling Club Slovakia“ located in capital of Slovakia in Bratislava (you can check our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/wrestlingclubslovakia/, or official website https://wrestlingclub.sk/).

As a wrestler I was member of national team from cadet to senior categories in Freestyle wrestling. I participated at Cadet European Championships in 2010 (10th place), Junior European and World Championships in 2013 and U23 European Championships in 2015. I also competed at various international competitions in FILA (UWW) calendar. In 2014 I won bronze medal at GP of Germany, and 5th at Ziolkowski Memorial in same year. With many national titles from kids categories to juniors.

Most of my published articles are in Slovak language. Either about physical education or about wrestling. Wrestling publication were mostly analysis of top-level wrestling competitions.

Currently I work on time-motion analysis of 2018 World Championships in Freestyle wrestling, with hope to publish it in journal in Scopus or WebOfScience database. My researchgate profile: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jakub_Sciranka?ev=hdr_xprf&_sg=9-RjAkgR3KntPOOp429DOrZIjJFTkEK5v_OWBZ_wJ-6O9ug7BCZ5BjrMpqbJlL6v9ZcG0Lgqkj2c5IfFkub2MSiy

My goal is to raise an interest of wrestling science in Slovakia. In my free-time I manage Facebook page about Slovak Wrestling, which has more than 2000 likes (more than official site of Slovak Wrestling Federation).