Don SAYENGA Rest in Peace

America's Wrestling Historian



COMPLETED RESEARCH: history of collegiate style wrestling in the USA I became interested in wrestling history in 1960 when I joined with a group of other men in developing a database for presentation to the Florida High School Activities Assn. in an effort (successful) to have NCAA-style wrestling listed as an endorsed sport in Florida high schools. I submitted the results of my initial research to Amateur Wrestling News (Oklahoma City OK). They agreed to publish my short essays about wrestling history. This brought me into contact with Roger Coulon, President of FILA, who encouraged me to expand my area of interest into the history of Olympic wrestling. As a result I became interested in ethnocultural wrestling all over the world – as a hobby. This research always was done in my spare time. I have been relatively inactive since 1995 due the time demanded by my primary business management & engineering consultation employment.