Turkey Wrestling Federation Vice President


He was born in Istanbul at 29.12.1969 and also he completed his primary, high school and college education in İstanbul too.

He’s married to SARUHAN Pelin. He has two sons, their names are Hamza (17) and Şeref (8 years old).

In 1990 he graduated from MARMARA UNIVERSITY, Department of Physical Education and Sports.

He worked as a physical education teacher and wrestling coach between 1990–1992 at Kuleli Military High School in Istanbul. He completed his MA degree in Sport Management chairs, in 1992–1996 the Marmara University Institute of Health Sciences.

Between 1992–2005 Land Forces Sport Club / Ankara-TURKEY Commander of the Sports Branches and coach of the wrestling teams,

In 2005, Azerbaijan / Baku Military Schools sports consultancy,

In the period 2005–2007 Işıklar Military High School/ Bursa physical education teacher,

Between 2007–2009 at Turkish Military Academy/Ankara a faculty member and Land Forces Sport Club as a Senior Facility.

Since 2009 is still the Land Forces Sport Club Branches of Sport Section Commander and continue doing this as a wrestling coach.

In addition to this;

From 1991 to the present Land Forces Sport Club Wrestling Team and the National Wrestling Teams Technical Director at TSK am continueing his quest. Also, between the years 1996–2011 Greco-Roman Wrestling Young and the A-National Team Technical Director and served as a trainer.

CISM within the total of 28, and 116 civilians international championship and event, as an athlete and worked as an offıcer.

In addition, other achievements and awards:

1. Between the years 1989–1994 Turkish Natioanal, Turkish Land Forces and Turkish Armed Forces championships at 74 and 82 Kg.

2. In 2006, “The Republic of Turkey for the first time World Champion” The Greco-Roman Wrestling civilian A-National Team Technical Director.

3. 5 times World Champion, 3 times a second of the World, 2 times the third in the CISM World Wrestling National Teams, Technical Director at Turkish Armed Forces.

4. Two times, he went to Olympic Games as a coach. (2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing)

5. In accordance with Law No. 5774; Turkish Armed Forces at, “Sportsman of the State” has deserved the title of the first and currently the only staff.

6. Level 5 of the Technical Director (2004) and the International Technical Director Certificates (2007) owner.

7. CISM Best Coach (2004) and Technical Director of the Year (1996 and 2006) awards.

8. 30 August 2008, the track record of success and because of the early promotion to the rank of Colonel.

9. Since Februvary 2012, he is President of CISM Wrestlig Comitee

10. Since October 2012, he is Vice President of Turkish Wrestling Federation (President: Mr. Hamza YERLIKAYA)