Professional Affiliation: Senior Scientist at Gatorade Sports Science Institute


Areas of Interest: Nutrition, weight cutting, body composition, combat sport science

Brief biography: Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Reid is now based in the United States where he works as a senior scientist with the Gatorade Sports Science Institute at their laboratory in Florida on the IMG Academy campus. Reid is currently involved with a variety of research streams focusing on energy expenditure, sleep and hydration. Prior to moving to the US, Reid completed a PhD supported by the University of the Sunshine Coast, based at the Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra, where he worked as a sports dietitian with Olympic combat sport athletes. A portion of Reid’s PhD work saw him awarded with a young investigator award from the European College of Sports Science (2016). Reid’s research interests centre on body composition management and applied combat sports nutrition, in particular the area of acute weight loss and recovery. As a practitioner, Reid has experienced working with a variety of weight category sport athletes including competitors and medallists from Judo, amateur and professional Boxing, Taekwondo, Wrestling, kickboxing/muay thai, Brazilian jiu jitsu, mixed martial arts andweightlifting; at the Olympic Games, Commonwealth games, continental and world championship level. In addition to academic and practitioner experience, Reid has a strong interest in strength and conditioning and exercise programming which he utilizes to inform his own training and that of the students he coaches in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu