Institution/Organization: Academy of Physical Education

Mailing Address: LT 4444158 Sporto 6, Kaunas

Head of the Sports Coaching Study Programme

Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education

Ausros 42-31, Kaunas LT-44158 Lithuania

Phone +370 37 302650 Fax +370 37 302674

Mobile +370 66 05038 Email

Current Areas of Interest: complex assessment of performance and functional state of athletes

Completed Wrestling Research:

1. Regular assessment of performance and functional state of Lithuanian elite wrestlers (Lithuanian Olympic Team)

2. Publications:

Poderys J.; Ezerskis, M., Poderyte, K.; Vainoras, A. Peculiarities in recovery of cardiovascular indices of highly skilled athletes // 11th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science : Book of Abstracts, Lausanne, Switzerland, 5-8 July 2006. Cologne : European College of Sport Science, 2006. Poderys J., Miseckaite B., Ezerskis M. Peculiarities in adaptation of body functioning during exercise and recovery after flight to Beijing. Sports Science. 2007, 1(47). p. 27-31.

Ezerskis M., Poderys J. Dynamics of muscle performance and cardiovascular changes under influence of concentrated training loads in cohort of Lithuania elite wrestlers during the preparation to world championship // Education Physical training Sport. 2008, 2(69). 34-39.

Medicina (Kaunas) 2010; 46 (6): 429-434 Functional state assessment on the dynamics of interparametric concatenations during exercise tests