Coach and Administrator


Kazem Mohseninia Firouzja
Place of birth: Babol, Mazandaran
From: IRAN

National hero of Iran 2004
Inventor of new techniques in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling 2017
Head of the Talent Selection Committee of the Wrestling Federation 2022
Secretary of Shemiranat Wrestling Board 2016
Member of the jury and technical committee of the wrestling federation 2018 – 2019
Instructor of the wrestling federation 2016
Coaching Licence from the wrestling federation 2011






The Head coach of YMCA club in Manchester England 2008
Coach and head coach in national and international wrestling competitions from 2012 to 2022
Member of the Iranian national wrestling team in the international Competitions
of the Kiev Cup 2001 and the Takhti Cup of Iran 2005
Physical education teacher in high school Since 2019
Bachelor’s degree in sports management and sports science from Savadkooh University of Physical Education



Mohseninia, Kazem (2018) Innovation of New Techniques in Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling. Journal of Sports Science 6, 200-208 doi: 10.17265/2332-7839/2018.03.010

Mohseninia, Kazem (2018) Wrestling Technique. International Journal of Wrestling Science, 8, 1.