Mehmet KUTLU, PhD


He was born in 1960 in Yozgat,TURKEY. He graduated from 1982 from Department of Wrestling, Ankara Sports Academy. He got his master’s degree from Gazi University in 1986 and from Middle East Technical University in 1990. In 1991, he got his PhD degree from the Department of Physical Education and Sports in Marmara University. He worked as a sportsman and coach between the years 1981-1984 in Ankara Devlet Su Isleri Sports Club. He became the champion among the universities twice in Wrestling in his university years. He was placed at top in competitions in Gymnastics and Weightlifting. He worked as a Physical Educator for a short period in 1983. Between the years of 1984-1993, he worked as a research assistant at the Department of Physical Education and Sports in Middle East Technical University in Ankara. He worked as the head of Department of Physical Education and Sports and Director of Sports Training College of Elazig, Firat University between the years 1993-2002. He was the head of Department of Physical Education and Sports of Kirikkale University between 2004- 2010. He became Assistant Professor in 1993; Associate Professor in 1998 and Professor in 2003. He worked as an executive board member of University Sports Federation and member of Education Committee of Sports for Everybody Federation. He has many international and national research studies. He participated in a course of Sports instruction for Physically Disabled Persons for two months in Japan and worked as a research fellow for six months and participated in the training “Exercises Physiology and Performance Laboratories” in Aberdeen University in Scotland. He currently works as the dean of Education

Faculty of Kirikkale University. Besides, he is the president of Wrestling Federation Educational Board. He is married with three children.

Fields of Study

Exercise Physiology

Training Methods and Performance

Sports for Disabled Persons

Antioxidants and Exercise

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Faculty of Education

71450 Yahsihan/ KIRIKKALE

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