Father Name: Balaoghlan

Date of born: 1973

ID NO: 2118

Adress: flat 51. Moheban Aley, khazane bokharaee, first square, Tehran, Iran.

Phone number: +982155060624

Mobile phon: +989123453394

Education experience

MA of Physical education (Biomechanic) brojerd Iran Sance 2011.

Comparison of muscular strength in two groups of elite middle weight Greco-Roman and

freestyle wrestlers. (International physical Education of kongereh: Tehran 2014).

The Impact of Pregnancy on static Balance and Change of the Upright Posture: A

Comparison between Athletic and Non-athletic Women after the Childbirth. (International

physical Education of kongereh: Tehran 2014).

BA OF physical Education and sport science of Islamic Azad University since 2006.

Diploma 1992 Tehran-Iran.

The FILA scientife poster. (2012 –Bodapest HUN).

The role of sport in touist and sijhtseeing industry. (2014 – Tehran).

Work experienceThe 1

nd international FILA seientific sysposium. (2014 – Tehran).

The FILA scientife symposium. (2012 –Bodapest HUN).

Volunteerism and university sport associtions. (2012 – Tehran).

Role of sport event in preserving national and international culture .(2012 – Tehran).

The 3rd international sport scientifie Confference of Asian universities. (2012 – Tehran).

Strategic planning in university sport. (2012 – Tehran).

NAIA, NIA,rsity sport within universities. (2012 – Tehran).

Sports talent identification (2012 – Tehran).

Coach of Kargaran gym (1996-2002).

Coach of takhti – Shahre Rey gym (2002-2003).

Coach of wrestling team of tejarat Bank.

Coach of zarrin – Bagher shahr gym (2003-2004).

Assistance of tejarat bank (for 5 years).

Manager of tejarat bank (for 10 years).

Professor of university.

First grade international wrestling federation coach I.R.Iran.

Skill experience

First grade international wrestling federation coach.

First grade of running coach.

Third grade of badminton coach.

Second grade of running refree.

Country wrestling champion of I.R.IRAN.

Tehran wrestling champion of free style and Greco – Roman wrestling.

Tennis champion in tejarat bank.

fitness champion in tejarat bank.Publication

1. MA thesis: comparison op anthropometric and biomechanical characters of free

and Greco-Roman wrestler of middle weight addle national team.

2. Comparision of anthropometric characteristics and aquat skill record in two groups

of elite middle weidht Greco-Roman and free style wrestlers.

3. Comparision of muscular strength in tow groups of elite middle weight GrecoRoman

and free style wrestlers.

Additional information

Member of wrestlers club of Iran.


English, Turkish, Arabic, Persian.