Christos KOLLIAS, PhD


 Bachelor’s Degree in National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – SEFΑΑ (1997-81).

 Master’s Degree in Romania (1983-84) in Wrestling.

 PhD in Moscow (1992 – 96) in Training of Wrestling.

 Professor teaching Wrestling at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – SEFΑΑ since 1984.

 Scientific research at Greek and World Conferences.

 team.


Master’s Degree in the major of Wrestling in I. E. F. S in Bucharest, Romania. Dissertation title: ”The contribution of deterring the most effective imbalances and misleading movements”

PhD at “Russian State Academy of Physical Culture”.

Dissertation title: “The dynamic of Technique-tactic mastery of wrestlers in regards to the changes of the rules of the matches”

Duration: 1992-1996

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Αlex. Novikov


 National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – SEFΑΑ

I have been teaching at SEFAA Wrestling since 1984 to date

 Coaching schools:

I have been chief principal of several coaching schools for Wrestling and Judo

in 1st, 2nd and 3rd category under the auspices of the Sports Ministry of Greece since 1988 to date.

 Seminars:

I taught in many Seminars for Coaches – Referees under the auspices of the Wrestling and Judo Federations all over Greece.


 Chief Coach of National Teams at Roman-Greek and free wrestling in Greece since 1985 to 1993.

During my training career the most important achievements of our Greek Wrestlers were the following:

1986 Cholidis Charalambos, 2nd Europe Champion

1986 Cholidis Charalambos, 3rd World Champion

1988 Cholidis Charalambos, 3rd Olympic Champion in Seoul

1993 Thanos Konstantinos, 3rd World Champion Youth

1993 Kudros Athanasios, 3rd World Champion

Lots of athletes were among the first six in European and World Championships

The National Wrestling Team of Greek Macedonia won the 1st place in the Mediterranean Games in 1987.

The Greco-Roman and Freestyle Wrestling National Team won 13 medals at the Mediterranean Games in 1993.

Head of the Scientific Team of the Hellenic Federation of Friends of Wrestling 1993 – 1998.


 I have been an athlete of the National Gymnastics Association since 1970 with pan-Hellenic distinctions of children, adolescents, young men and men.

 I have been a member of the National Team of Greco-Roman Wrestling (1974 – 1981) and I have participated in several international competitions (Balkan Games, World Youth Championship, etc.).


I have written for the students of the specialty and choice of the Sports Wrestling of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – SEFA:





The above notes contain documented teaching material, appropriately designed for the proper training of students:

 Monograph titled:

THE GENERAL TRAINING PROGRAM FOR JUDO. Published by the Ministry of Sport, Athens 1998 page 204.

 To be published: THE SCIENTIFIC TRAINING OF THE OLYMPIC FIGHTING SPORTS : which is about the current system of high level athletes’ preparation at the Olympic fighting sports.


1992 – Chr. Kollias. The relation between the specific stamina and the techical-tactical training of the wrestler. Sport Sciences, 1/1992], 43-44.

1992 – Chr. Kollias. The design of the free-style and greek-romain wrestling Olympic team’s preparation for the 1992 Olympic games. Sport Sciences, 1/1992], 11-15.

1992 – Chr. Kollias. Educational program for 12-13 year-old children about greek-romain wrestling and the selection of them based on their morphological and psychological characteristics. Sport Sciences, 1/1992], 45-50.

1995 – Prof. Dr. Novikov Alex. Ph.D.Kollias Chr. . Ph.D. Acopian Alex. “Systeme Automatise d’ Analyse des Competitions de la Lutte Sportive”. (Automated analyzing system of wrestling games), (Monography in French language), page 26. For this project the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – SEFAA and the Russian Institute of Sport Research (Moscow) cooperated. It detects the inadequacy of the wrestling games’ regulational system, the changes and the corrections which have been done until now and it presents the mutual relation

between racing activity and methodical training as a unit, in contrast of the way they have been studied until now, separately.

For this reason we edited an automated analyzing system of wrestling games for computers.

This gives us the opportunity:

• To study the characteristic data of the game, the strong and weak sides of the technical-tactical skills, the physical condition of the wrestlers and their opponents and to accurately guide their preparation.

• To evaluate objectively, through the general spectacle index, the contribution of regulations to it, the level of evolution and its popularity.

This project was a request of FILA that sent it to all the national Federations of its member states, so the wrestling could be further developed.

1996 – Chr. Kollias. “Dinamika Tehniko-taktitseskovo Mastertsva Bortsov v Savistimosti ot Reglamenta Sorevnovanii”. (The dynamics of wrestling technic-tactical mastery in relation to changes in racing regulations). Doctoral dissertation in Russian.

1996 – Chr. Kollias. The Athletic Wrestling in the Challenge of the 21st Century. Magazine «Η ΠΑΛΗ» (Wrestling) 2/1996 – pages 23 – 31.

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2003 – Chr.Kollias . The scientific approach of Greek Judo and its course. Magazine of the Greek Judo Federation, 19-24.

2016 – Barbas I., Bebetsos E., Christos Kollias., Curby D., Mirzaei B. Investigation of ego and task orientation among international wrestling referees P.E.S. 2016/06 Ukraine.


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