Teacher of wrestling at the Higher School of Sport and Scientific Research


Date of Birth: 19-09-1959 Place: El-Biar
– Personal Address: Mokhtar Zerhouni les Bannaniers Bt 4
Apt 06 A.A.D.L. 16058 Mohammadia Algiers
– Telephone: Mob.0550646024
-E.mail: khelafir@yahoo.fr
2- Academic Training Training Curriculum and Diplomas obtained:
– -Trainings for obtaining the higher education diploma in sport “DES” in Sport Option Lutte ISTS from 1982 to 1987
-Diploma of equivalence with the rank of professor INSEP of Paris
3- Participation in Short-Term Training:
– High Level Internship FILA Higher School Greece-Olympia 1991
– FILA High School High Level Internship Turkey 2009
– FILA Spain High School High Level Internship 2010
– FILA High School High Level Internship 2012
– High Level Internship ASCOD University Georgia USA IPC Rabat 2003 (IPC)
4-Memory work carried out:
Systematic classification and terminology of the technique of sports wrestling, under the supervision of Professor Mr ANATOLI KOUPTSOV

5-Specific Information and Awards As an Athlete:
– -Member of the national team from 1979 to 1986
-02 times Maghreb champion
-02 times vice-champion of Africa
-02 times vice-champion Arab
6- Results obtained as national coach 1987-1998
– Obtaining Several Medals at international competitions
– Obtaining Several African and Arab titles.
-14th place at the Atlanta 1996 Olympics
– Bronze medal at the 1997 Bari Mediterranean Games
-Honourable ranking at the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games –
7- Positions occupied as a supervisor or manager:
-National Coach from 1987 to 1998
-Handisport Federation Training Director from 1999 to 2005
-National Trainer of Power lifting 2004.
– Senior National Coach Women’s Wrestling 2007.
– Deputy National Technical Director 2008.
-Director of Wrestling Federation Training from 2009 to 2010
-Director of National Teams from 2010 March to 2012
– National Technical Director Federation of wrestling from 2012 to 2013
-Section technical director from 2014 to 20208- Supervision of short-term training:
– Supervision of several short training courses and discontinuous training of part-time educators 1st-2nd and 3rd degrees. From 1987 to 2020
9- Supervision of long-term training:
-Supervision of several research works by students at the end of the cycle to obtain the D.E.S in the wrestling specialty within the ENS / STS ex ISTS
– Wrestling teacher at the National Sports Training Institute.
During the years: 2004 and 2008.
-Teacher wrestling at the Higher School of Sport and Scientific Research
During years :
2011-2012. 2013-2014-2015-2016-2017-2019 and currently 2020
10- Publications:
-Research work carried out during the obtaining of the D.E.S. In 1987, publish at the Library of the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles currently Union World Wrestling whose theme “Systematic classification and terminology of the technique of sports wrestling”
-Member of the “Master Degrees & Promotions Commission” commission at United World Wrestling. 2012-2016