Liliana KANEVA


We are proud to say that we have a representative in the governing bodies of the European Sumo Union – Mrs. Liliana Kaneva – President of the Development of the Sumo Sport in Europe Committee, Chairman of the Sumo Women Committee and at present – member of the Board of Directors of the International Sumo Federation (IFS) and the European Sumo Union.

Another high recognition of the Bulgarian Sumo Federation activities and its Executive Director Mrs. Liliana Kaneva was her awarding by the Japanese Government with the Order of the rising sun with golden rays and rosette on 29.11. 2006.

The anthem of the IFS, called “The Big ones” is also an international Bulgarian achievement.Its authors are Liliana Kaneva and the composer Toncho Russev.

Books: “Phenomenon of the Bulgarian Sumo in facts and figures” by Liliana Kaneva,the first volume of the encyclopedic book “The ROAD OF THE BIG ONES, OR THE SUMO IN THE BULGARIAN SPORTS JOURNALISM”, by Liliana Kaneva.