Valentin KALIKCA


Valentin Kalika was a National Champion of USSR among students. He was a National Ukrainian Champ in Greco-Roman Wrestling. He performed the rating: “USSR Master of Sports” in Greco-Roman Wrestling in 1977. In 2009 won gold medal at US Nationals in Las Vegas (Veterans Division) 2009 World Champion Greco-Roman Wrestling (Veterans Division)

Valentin Kalika has graduated from famous Kiev Sport University with the Master Degree in professional coaching and sports education. This Sport University is known as a “manufactory” of Olympic and World champions. Until 1991 Valentin was a head coach at one of the biggest sport clubs in Ukraine. He was one of the coaches of junior national team. Valentin is a FILA certified international referee.

In 1991 Valentin moved to Israel where he coached at HaPoel elite wrestling club, and participated in Israel’s Government National self-defense Program. Since 1994 Valentin had coached in Southern California-Beat the Streets LA and Titan Mercury Wrestling Club.