Kharazmi University

Department of Sport Science and Physical Education

Father’s Name: Hashem

Date of birth: September 17, 1978

Nationality: Iranian

Place of birth: Tehran


2004-2008 Bachelor of Sport Science and Physical Education

2008-2010 Master of Sport Science and Physical Education

Fila International Coaching Qualification

Scientific Articles

1- Upper body anaerobic power wrestlers (2013). Kharazmi University, Medicine and sport Publication.

2- Agility elite wrestlers (2012) . Olympic Publication

3- Compare the mental skills profile wrestlers national youth team (2014). Poster/ Beheshti University


1- Anaerobic power exercise physiology. 2012

2- Stretching exercises in Wrestling. 2014

Teaching experience

Wrestling: Kharazmi University, 4 years.

Swimming: Kharazmi University, 1 Semester

Physical Education: Kharazmi University, 2 years

Executive Records

2011 up to now: Assistance: International Wrestling Institute of Iran.

2011 up to now: Responsible: Kharazmi University, Department of Physical Fitness committee.

Also, working as lecturer in theoretical courses and practical Wrestling Federation of Iran.