PhD in Sport Science

Master in Sport Science COE (Spanish Olympic Committee)

Sport Director and Head Coach in Judo Club UDC

Performance Coach in Galician Judo Federation

Lecturer in Master of Training and Disease in University of A Coruña and University of Ramón LLull (Barcelona)


Institution/Organization: Federación Gallega de Judo, Judo Club UDC,

Universidade de A Coruña

Mailing Address: Novoa Santos 42, 6ºA, 15006, A Coruña (Galicia)

Research Interest:

– Methodology in strength and conditioning (training, testing, load monitoring)

– Physiology and neuromuscular performance in combat sports

– Blood flow restriction training

– Motor control and learning in sports

– Recovery methods

– Physiological responses in extreme situations (heat, dehydration,…)

– Weight loss and weight control in weight category sports


Completed Wrestling Research:

Carballeira, E; Iglesias, E & Dopico, X (2008). “Analysis of acute effects of judo fight through the study of the association between metabolic and mechanical parameters”. Fitness and Performance Journal. 7 (4):229-38.

Carballeira, E & Iglesias, E (2007). “Efectos agudos del enfrentamiento en judo: análisis multiparamétrico”. Motricidad, European Journal of Human Movement. 19: 117-144.

Iglesias, E; Boullosa, D; Dopico, X & Carballeira, E. (2010). “Analysis of factors that influence the maximum number of repetitions in two upper-body resistance exercises: curl biceps and bench press”. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 24 (6): 1566-1572