Director of youth talents in our Federation


Date of dirth : 01-11-1966 in Blida Algeria

Diplôme :Technicien Superirior of Sports in Wrestling

Profession : Director of youth talents in our Federation

Adress : Cite Benboulaid Bt C, N°=19 Blida

Social life : Maried and father of 4 childrens


Where I had a diplom of State in 1990 as T.S.S.I was very lucky my first professor was OLZOEV KLIM of Russia. He was a Champion of USSR in 52 Kg in Gréco-romain style. He was my prof and my friend and taught me all about wrestling and to speak Russian.

-2010 I participated in the FILA Advance School for Coaches in Murcia, Spain in Free style.

-2011 at 2012 I had studied for one year in Algeria to have a diplom as Educator Principal of Physique Education.

-2011 I had a diplom of the C.I.O in collaboration with Algeria C.O .A

-Langage : I write and speak Arabic-Fransh and English. I speak Russian.


I started wrestling at 15 years old in gréco-romain style

I played until 57 Kg Séniors than I changed style I played 62 Kg in free style until 1993

I had a many diplomas in my country in Gréco-Romain and Free style I was a Championship in my country ALGERIA


-1990/2000 I worked as Director Technique of my departement BLIDA

-And by the same way Coach of school kids and seniors in Free style because I was very interested by this style.

-1991 I worked as National coach of juniors and I had the first place of Champioship Maghrebain in Greco-Romain.

-2000/2006 I worked as Senior coach of my Club USMB in Blida in Free style where I had every year a National cup in free style now my club is best in this style.And the National team of free style was composed at 95% from Blida.

2000/2012 I worked as National coach with cadets, juniors and seniors where I had a many title Arabic,Africain championship

Ihad participated at many camps with the national team in differents countries where I observed that rearly there are many kinds of wrestling schools and every school have his own system of work (physiq-Technique and so)

Ihad participited at many international tourneirs

Ihad done a camp in russia in 2004 with the Senoirs Ntional team in kokaz

I had participated at Arabic GAMES in Algeria2004 as coach

I had participeted at Africain GAMES in Algeria in 2007 as coach

-2013 I work in federation as a Director of Youth Talents in wrestling

I am employed by the ministery of sports


Prepation of youth wrestlers – through CDs and books,in methodologie of training for kids and Seniors. Evolution of science and technologie into wrestling.