Dave BENNETT, Doctor of Optometry



Received the Gold-level certification from the National Coaches Education Program

 Coached High School Wrestling 1969 thru 1990 holding positions as Volunteer, Assistant and Head Wrestling Coach at 5 different High Schools, working in all of the different State Divisions.

 As a Head HS Coach, 137-27 record. (Riverview & Richland HS’s in WA.)

 As Volunteer, Assistant, Head and Private Coach – Helped Coach over 40 wrestlers to a High School State Title in Washington, Colorado and Ohio.

 1985 thru 1996 – At Senior Level with Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club working with Bobby Douglas and Joe Seay – Video scouting and technique.

 1984 to Present – Instructed at summer camps and Coaching Seminars throughout USA, Canada and Europe on a yearly basis.

 1984 thru1997 contracted by USA Wrestling for Instructional Video Work and Volunteer Coaching Staff.

 1984 to present – Prepared scouting and team evaluations for USAW up to and including the 2012 Olympic Games and 2013 Worlds.

 1989-90-91-93-94-95-97-98-99-2001-02-03-05-06-07-09-11 Senior World Championships Staffs between USA and FILA. Video Scouting and Technical Evaluation

 1988-92-96-2000-08 Olympic Games on staff with FILA or USAW.

 1991 – Coach for USA versus Cuba.

 1993 – Coach for USA versus Russia (2 events April and November).

 1993 – Honored by USWOA for providing video education on rules.

 1997 – joined USA Wrestling as full time staff member working with National Teams and Broadcasting.

 1997 National Wrestling Media Association Broadcaster of the Year.

 2000 thru 2008 National Developmental Freestyle Coach for USA Wrestling.

 2000 thru 2008 Assisted Kevin Jackson National Team Freestyle Coach

 2000 thru2008 Assisted National Freestyle Resident Coaches – Mike Duroe, Lincoln McIravy, Dan Gable, Sergi Belaglazov and Terry Brands.

 2000 – Started Future Freestyle Program in association with Big Brother program for Greco Roman Wrestling for USAW at the OTC in Colorado Springs. Bringing top young Cadets and Junior age athletes to the OTC 3 to 4 times a year for training with USAW Staff Coaches. Continued thru 2008

 2001 – Started a gray shirt year program at the OTC for graduating High School Athletes to . In Effect thru 2008

spend a year at OTC prior to College. Limited to 2 athletes/year.

 2002 Started Coaches Women’s Residency program at OTC Until Terry Steiner was able to come on board as Women’s National Coach.

 2002 – Coached the 2002 Women’s World Team in Greece.

 As National Developmental Freestyle coach for USA Wrestling worked with 100’s of State Champions and multiple NCAA Champions at the OTC.

 2003 – Coached the 2003 Senior Men’s Freestyle Team to the Pan American Championships Team Title.

 2003 – Team leader and Coach for the 2003 World University Games. 3-Gold Medals. Team 2nd

 2004 – Coached the Women’s World Cup in Tokyo with Terry Steiner.

 2004 – Started a Annual Fall coaches Seminars at the OTC bringing in Coaches from member states of USAW to learn from resources and coaches at the OTC. Still being conducted.

 2004 – Brought Henry Cejudo to the OTC in hopes of changing his environment and him having a chance to have a wrestling future.

 2004 Developed first version of online coaches teaching tool. Updated annually thru current version at http://matadvantage.com

 2005, 2006 and 2007 recipient of the United States Olympic Committee’s Doc Councilmen Award as Coach of the Year for Wrestling.

 2005 – Took over coaching responsibilities for Junior and University worlds.

 As National Developmental and volunteer FS Coach prepared and coached multiple Junior and University World Teams.

2005 Junior Worlds 2 Bronze Team 9th

2006 Junior Worlds 1 Silver 1 Bronze Team 7th

2007 Junior Worlds 1 Gold Team 5th

2008 Junior Worlds 3 Bronze Team 8th

2009 Junior Worlds 1 Gold, 2 Bronze Team 4th

2006 University Worlds 2 Bronze Team 8th

2008 University Worlds 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze Team 4th

 From 2005 through 2009 his age groups teams have won a total of 6 Gold, 3 Silver and 13 Bronze Medals in World Competition

 2006 Presented paper on Periodization for competitive cyle at FILA International Coaches Seminar.

 1997 thru 2008 Coached Senior Teams at International Tournaments World Wide including – the Yarygin International, Trophy Milan, Henri Degane, Canada Cup, Dave Schultz, NYAC, Clansman and Yasar Dago International Tournaments..

 2008 was Coach of the Year for the United States Olympic Committee receiving the Doc Councilman Award for all sports within the Olympic Group Coached the 2009 USOC Wrestling Team of the Year, the Junior World Team.

 Coached the 2011 Junior World Team – 1 Silver Team

 Coached the 2012 University world Team – 2 Bronze

 Some of the Coaches he has worked and coached with in his career include, Dan Gable, Joe Seay, Bobby Douglas, Mike McArthur, LeeRoy Smith, John Smith, Mike Duroe, Bruce Burnett, Greg Strobel, Lou Roselli, Sean Bormet, Lincoln McIlravy, Eric Guerrero, Lee Kemp, Mark Manning, Darrell Keller, Jim Humphry, Sergei Belaglazov, Zeke Jones, Terry Steiner, Terry Brands and Kevin Jackson.

 2012 to Present – Currently on Staff as Volunteer assistant at Boise Sate University.

 2013 Presented two papers at FILA International Coaching Seminar onDevelopment of the Elite Athlete and Weight Reduction Prior to competition.

Television and Video Accomplishments:

• 1984 thru Present – Produced more than 60 Instructional and Promotional Video’s and DVD’s for FILA, USAW, College and International Coaches and Athletes.

• 1986 thru 2010 – Produced over 40 Television shows for Broadcast Networks that include ABC, FOX, ESPB, ESPN2, and ESPNU covering events such as U.S. National Open, World Cups, Team Trials and World Championships.

• 1992 thru Present – Produced over 50 Instructional tapes for FILA and USAW Officials Education, used in clinics around the world.

• 1988-2008 – Produced TV commercial and promotional spots for USAW and others.

• 2009 thru Present – Produced Video Biographies of Inductees for both the U.S. National Wrestling Hall of Fame and the FILA Hall of Fame.

• 2009 – Developed TheWrestlingGreats.com website for distribution and sale of educational and entertaining wrestling video.

2015-Named to USA Wrestling Hall of Fame