National Sport Academy – Sofia, Bulgaria

Historian with a specialty history of physical education and sport.

My professional interests have been linked to the history of the wrestling for more than 20 years – particularly the traditional wrestling and modern Olympic styles.

My scientific researchers are currently focused on the history of the Bulgarian wrestling, its organizational structure, as well as a moral and ethical standards laid down in the sport, in particular in the traditional wrestling.

Publications in authorship with Prof. Rayko Petrov:

1. The Roots of Wrestling: The traditional Wrestling styles (Budapest, 2000)

2. Wrestling in the Written Word (2010 – BG, 2011 – АN, 2012 – FR).

Copyrighted publications:

• Worldwide traditional wrestling (Sofia, 2006)

• Changing the starting date of the establishment of the International Wrestling Federation (FILA)

• Historical roots of the moral and the ethics in the sport

• Athletes’ strength training in the Ancient Greece

• Traditional wrestling – historical basis of the Olympic wrestling styles

• The epoch Rayko Petrov

• Greco-Roman wrestling – European sport

• Wrestling leadership in the classification of the Thracians

• Moral aspects of the prayers, vows and challenges in the traditional wrestling

• Specific folklore in wrestling and more