Mirzaei Receives Rayko Petrov Award in Belgrade

Professor Bahman Mirzaei (IRI) received the Rayko Petrov Award at the Scientific Symposium held in conjunction with the World Wrestling Championships and sponsored by the UWW Scientific Commission, the International Network of Wrestling Researchers and the Serbian Wrestling Federation. Bahman Mirzaei, PhD, is the Director, physical preparation and conditioning for Iranian Wrestling Federation; Director of Physical Education and Sport Sciences Department at the University of Guilan, and a Member of the UWW Scientific Commission. His Honorary Petrov Lecture was entitled: Challenges Confronting the Preparation and Performance of Elite Wrestlers.

Professor Mirzaei receives the Rayko Petrov Award from Dr. David Curby and Science Commission Pesident Daulet Turlykhanov.

There were over 50 particpants in the Scientific Symposium, representing 20 countries. The theme of the symposium was “Using the Scientific Foundations of Olympic Wrestling to Advance Our Sport.”

UWW President Nenad Lalovic and General Secretary Carlos Roy stopped by to give their greetings.