Meeting Summary: Third Satellite Symposium of United World Wrestling (UWW) Scientific Commission “Challenge and Perspectives in Wrestling” held in Ukraine, Nov. 25-27, 2021.

From November 25-27, 2021 the Third Satellite Symposium of United World Wrestling (UWW) Scientific Commission (President Daulet Turlykhanov) “Challenge and Perspectives in Wrestling” was held in Ukraine. This event was dedicated to 150th anniversary of birthday of legendary wrestlers, «Champion of Champions» Ivan Poddubny and organized by Geogiy Korobeynikov.

Because of the celebration of the anniversary of the birth of the Great Ivan Poddubny, the Symposium was held in the homeland of the legendary athlete, Bohdan Khmelnytsjyi National University of Cherkasy.

The symposium was organized by the United World Wrestling, the National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport, Bohdan Khmelnytsjyi National University of Cherkasy, the Wrestling Association of Ukraine, the Greco-Roman Wrestling Federation of Ukraine, under the auspices of the International Network of Wrestling Researchers.

The main topics include research in wrestling from: science of training, physiology, psychology, sports medicine, biomechanics, pedagogy, history, sociology, and sports management.

The Symposium was attended by experts from Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia, Moldova, Greece, Uzbekistan, Spain and Kazakhstan.

The main presentations are dedicated to actuality questions of sport wrestling.

The team of authors (Victor Shandrigos, Andriy Blojeiko, Ukraine) reported on the analysis of the results of the performances of the Ukrainian women’s wrestling team at official competitions. The dynamics of the performance of leading athletes at international competitions and prospects for further development of women’s wrestling in Ukraine were shown.

Member of the UWW Scientific Commission José Maria Lopez Guillon (Spain) made a comparative analysis of methods and strategies used by wrestlers and boxers to lose weight. The risks associated with dehydration and ways to safely optimize athletes’ weight were analyzed.

The representative of Moldova Angela Polevaya-Secaryanu presented a report on the use of martial arts in the development and socialization of children with autism spectrum disorders. The importance of socialization of children with autism was determined.

The report of the authors from Ukraine Mykola Latyshev and Yuriy Tropin is devoted to the age peculiarities of the wrestlers who take part in the world championships. The age of winners and prize-winners of world wrestling championships is analyzed.

An important topic was raised by a team of authors from Croatia and Serbia (Kristijan Slačanac, Milorad Dokmanac, Mario Baić). The authors ask the question: “How to win an Olympic medal in wrestling? Competition performance of medal winners at Olympic Games 2020?”. The answer to this question is presented in the analysis of the performance of medalists at the 2020 Olympic Games.

The report “Monitoring of speed-strength training of elite wrestlers” of the team of authors from Uzbekistan (Ilkhomjon Tursunaliev, Fikrat Kerimov, Olga Goncharova, Rashid Matkarimov, Habibjon Boymatov) is devoted to the methodological aspects of training highly qualified wrestlers. The authors proposed training devices for monitoring and development of speed and strength qualities of wrestlers.

The report of the team of authors from Ukraine “Comparative analysis of psychophysiological characteristics between athletes with various Martial Arts” (Georgiy Korobeynikov, Lesia Korobeynikova, Vladimir Shatskykh, Ivanna Korobeinikova) reflects the features of both consequential and acquired factors among representatives of different martial arts.

The report of the representatives of Croatia headed by the member of the UWW Scientific Commission Mario Baić (Mario Baić, Damir Pekas, Nikola Starčević) is dedicated to the physical training of elite wrestlers. The authors revealed methods of assessment and development of physical qualities among wrestlers of different types of training.

The report of Cherkasy scientists (Volodymir Lysohub, Sergiy Khomenko, Lilia Ukhimenko) is devoted to the topic of selection of wrestlers according to the genetic properties of the central nervous system. The authors present an analysis of research to identify the most sensitive, genetically determined characteristics of the nervous system that can be used in the sports selection of wrestlers.

The report of authors from Croatia Damir Pekas, Mario Baić, Nikola Starčević, Kristijan Slačanac) is devoted to the methods of testing and development of strength qualities of wrestlers. The authors present original techniques aimed at assessing and training strength for wrestlers.

The report of the team of authors from Ukraine and Kazakhstan, headed by the President of the UWW Scientific Commission, the President of the UWW Asia Daulet Turlykhanov (Daulet Turlykhanov, Georgiy Korobeynikov, Andrey Vorontsov) is devoted to the tactical strategies of competitive activity in Greco-Roman wrestling, taking into account the functional asymmetry of the brain. The report shows the connection between the tactics of the fight and the functional asymmetry of the brain in elite wrestlers.

Ways to prevent and restore the specific functions of the wrestlers after musculoskeletal injuries was presented the report of the representative of Greece, member of the UWW Scientific Commission Ioannis Barbas and co-authors (Asimenia Gioftsidou, Paraskeui Malliou). The presented material shows developments for the prevention and restoration of motor functions in wrestlers after injuries.

Problematic issues of development of the sports movement of veterans of Ukrainian wrestling was presented by Soslan Adyrkhaev (Ukraine). The report addresses issues related to the organization and conduct of wrestling competitions among veterans. It was proposed to increase the age limit of participants in the competition to 70 years.

The differences between the technical and tactical indicators of the first point in different weight categories of Greco-Roman wrestling at the Olympic Games were analyzed in a report by a team of authors from Croatia (Nikola Starčević, Mario Baić, Hrvoje Karninčić, Damir Pekas). Professional analysis of competitive activity at the 2020 Olympic Games gives an opportunity to see the existing problems in the training of wrestlers at the present stage.

The report of the representatives of Ukraine “The psychophysiological state of athletes with different levels of aggression” (Lesia Korobeynikova, Ivanna Korobeinikova) showed the importance of optimizing the emotional state of the wrestlers to achieve success.

In the second day of Symposium was devoted to visiting the birthplace of Ivan Poddubny (1871-1949), legendary wrestler, «Champion of Champions». This event was possible with the support of the Federation of Greco-Roman Wrestling of Cherkasy region (President Petro Dusheyko, executive director of the Regional Federation Anatoly Samokha) and Chornobayiv village head Serhiy Lyuvimy. The symposium participants visited the museum of Ivan Poddubny in the village Krasenivka, Chernobayiv district, Cherkasy region. The round table was attended by the 1964 Olympic champion in Tokyo Andrei Khimich.

Many thanks to all who helped organize this event and participated in the symposium.