UWW Scientific Commission

From the FILA Bureau Meeting held in Phuket (THA) on 15-16 February 2013: Approval was given for the establishment of a Scientific Commission within UWW. The impetus for this major addition has been the work of the International Network of Wrestling Researchers (INWR). The INWR initiated the proposal for a Scientific Department to FILA in 2011. The tasks assigned by UWW are
Promotion and Support of Needed Wrestling Research

  • Conduct research requested by UWW to answer important questions.
  • Organize research activities at major wrestling competitions and training centers.
  • Form collaborative arrangements that will provide UWW increased access to expertise and other research resources.
  • Identify wrestling researchers and scientists at an international level.
  • Build a communication network so that wrestling researchers may communicate and share ideas.
  • Support a database of wrestling-related research articles.

Distribution of Wrestling Scientific Knowledge

  • Organize wrestling scientific congresses, seminars and workshops.
  • Publish a wrestling scientific journal.
  • Provide a wrestling scientific portal and discussion forum to enable communication between wrestling scientists, coaches and athletes.
  • Support wrestling-related educational activities in collaboration with academic institutions and universities (e.g. advanced degrees)

Scientific Support

  • Provide scientific information for UWW Bureau and the other UWW Commissions.
  • Provide scientific information for National Wrestling Federations.
  • Develop the curricula of training and certification programs for all Federations to use with the various level of coaches-basic to advanced degrees.
  • Complete other relevant tasks as assigned by the UWW Bureau.

Daulet Turlykhanov (KAZ) UWW Bureau Member and Commission President

Mario Baic (CRO)

Ioannis Barbas (GRE)

Tibor Barna (HUN)

David Curby (USA) Secretary

Takeshi Kukidome (JPN)

José Maria Lopez (ESP)

Bahman Mirzaei (IRI)

Boris Podlivaev (RUS)

Didier Sauvaire (FRA)

Celal Taskiran (TUR)

Harold Tünnemann (GER)