Fernando J LUCENA, PhD



Institution/Organization:: Asociacion de lucha del estado Portuguesa

Mailing Address: calle 1 entre AV 27 y 28 Nº 14 sector el trapiche Araure Estado Portuguesa

Current Areas of Interest: Metodologia del entrenamiento. fisico y tecnico – tactico

Completed Wrestling Research: To start the development of this topic is interesting to define what is “BODY”. Then the concept breaks down. Body: Body part differentiated involved in performing a function. Device: Set of different organs in structure that contribute to perform the same function. System: The organs with identical structure and embryological origin With the concept we mentioned before this is a complex function of the human body, a process that must engage so that all sync functions to perform. These requirements are even more elevated in the sport, which we refer to the agency and Olympic wrestlers in this case. Levels demands are greater, depending on the type of competition where participating as an example: competition areas, World Championships, Olympic Games, each have their own terms of demand. I joined this should likewise discuss the specifics of the sport, which requires a functional separation of high demand, optimal mental preparation reasoned that each opponent has his own way of fighting, their own level of preparedness; except that in each fight is developing a different tactic. Plan training for wrestling; is not only a matter of microcycle, mesosciclos, macrocycles, etc.. Concepts that are growing weaker every day, understanding of science to modern sport, are forcing others to seek to implement the training loads, but not based on long periods of preparation. The training today must be designed such that the psychophysiological capabilities require delas and fighters, in order to always be ready to compete at any time. Besides scientific research requiring these changes, annual volumes competition are crucial for design loads specific daily workouts. It is mandatory to understand that train a body which would be required to pay the most, needs to be respected by doctors, educational and other principles. To optimize correct way specific physical performance capabilities, for wrestling. PROCESS THAT REQUIRES HIGHLY TRAINED COACH TO ACHIEVE SUCH OBJECTIVES. As such workouts designed for preparation in Olympic wrestling, orient each day to be more identified with the special and specific needs of the sport. Fulfilling beforehand with comprehensive fitness programs that guarantee the psychophysiological bases, necessary, specific training to support high biological demand. Finally mandatory reflect and understand that a daily planned workouts for wrestling, are geared to develop several objectives, all with the same goal. Ie, optimizing the capabilities of specific work of these athletes. These charges of training should be structured so that not attend for example. The technical preparation – tactics, the specific preparation (fight training and regulatory), the special preparation (specific high-intensity exercise, preparation of muscle work capacity, muscular strength and power,. In training unit dosing these loads by micropauses macropausas recovery and to ensure the restoration of the funciónaeles systems and fighters as such successions of workloads in the modern fight training are committed to: 1) develop specific job skills for this sport. 2) ensure adequate recovery of functional systems.